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Roman Candles

They’re probably one of the best-known of all fireworks. They form the backbone of any display, whether it’s a family firework party in the garden or a professional show. Roman Candles are the ones that make us all go “Ooh! Ahh!”, put on a show, and lead up to that big finale. But what are they? And why are they called Roman Candles?

A gruesome history

Like the Catherine Wheel, the legend of the Roman Candle’s origin isn’t for the fainthearted, so avoid reading this section if you’re a bit squeamish. It’s AD64, and Rome has been burning for nine days. Emperor Nero is fiddling away on his violin, but even this bonkers emperor eventually realised something was wrong. With three-quarters of Rome smoking and in ruins, Nero needed someone to blame. Step forward the city’s Christian community, whom Nero decreed had started the blaze (they hadn’t, but we’re talking about a bloke who married a horse, so he’s not exactly rational).

You better steel yourself for this because things get even more gruesome… Not content with throwing the Christians to the lions, Nero had them doused in pitch, wax and oil and set them alight, using them to light his next garden party. We did warn you this was pretty nasty – Nero wasn’t known for his agreeable personality!

To this day, Roman Candles are associated with Mad Emperor Nero, hence the name.

But truthfully, they probably started life in China as a firework to celebrate the Chinese New Year and to chase away evil spirits. Let’s go with that happier version of events, shall we?

Fun for the whole family

Roman Candles are great for a family garden fireworks party. However, they can be loud, especially versions like our very own Dynamite. So consider a more gentle option if you have young children who may be frightened by sudden loud noises, or noise-averse adults. There are quieter fireworks available such as the Roman Candles you’ll find in our Bonfire Max collection.

You’ll need at least 8m for a Roman Candle display. They’re usually flat-based, so they’re stable to use and are free-standing. You won’t need to support them, but do make sure they’re in a safe position before lighting them. We strongly recommend using our Portfires firework lighters rather than a match or lighter. That will give you the chance to light your firework and get back to a safe distance without worrying about the lighter blowing out mid-fizzle.

Professional standard

If you’re a fully licenced pyrotechnics expert, talk to us about F4 fireworks (these are not available to the general public). We’re always happy to share our expertise with you. And if you’re looking for a display team to manage your next event, we can help there too. And yes, we use plenty of Roman Candles in our displays – we love the effects they create, and so do our audiences.

Find out more

We’re always adding new fireworks to our collection. So keep checking back to see what’s new in the world of Ghengis Fireworks. If you want more information on our Roman Candles, simply give our friendly team a call and we’ll be happy to talk you through your options and how to get the most from your display.