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Single Ignition

One of the biggest danger points when you’re creating your own firework display is repeatedly going back to individual fireworks to light them. Not only does it increase the risk factor to you, but it also slows down the display, turning those “Ooh! Ahh!” moments into eye-rolls and shuffling feet as boredom kicks in. Single ignition fireworks get rid of both of those problems at a stroke. And here’s how.

What are single-ignition fireworks?

They’re basically a firework show in a box. Rather than a single firework, you have multiple fireworks in a single box. There’s one fuse that’s connected to each of the fireworks in sequence, so as one goes off, the fuse is already burning on the next, and the next, and so on. All you have to do is light the fuse once, stand well back, and let the show commence.

Single-ignition fireworks have been carefully developed so that the timing is perfect. That means your audience gets a great show with no lengthy pauses in between fireworks.

There’s also that all-important safety factor. Fireworks sometimes do fail to go off (although with Ghengis Fireworks, that’s a real rarity!). So if you have multiple fireworks set up and one fails to ignite, you’re putting yourself at extreme risk by approaching your fireworks to try and light the next one. Because the fuses in single-ignition fireworks are in an enclosed box, they’re kept dry and are 99.9% guaranteed to light every time. And as you’re only lighting the one firework, it’s much safer. No repeat trips to the danger zone, no delays, and everyone’s happy.

Great value for money

Single-ignition fireworks are long lasting. Because you have multiple fireworks in a single box, you’re getting a longer display time of up to three minutes. Bear in mind that most professional firework displays only last ten minutes or so, and you can see just how much of a value buy single-ignition fireworks are.

Buy two or three of these beauties (check out our triple bundle for even more savings), add in a rocket pack or two, some sparklers, a few fountains and Catherine Wheels and you have your own display for a lot less than you’d think.

Loud, proud, and with plenty of show

Single-ignition fireworks are designed to light up the night sky. You’ll get a huge range of effects from starbursts, low-level mines, comet tails and sparkles to those family favourite whizz-bangs and glitter trails that look like Tinkerbell’s been in town.

A warning, though – our single-ignition fireworks are LOUD. With names like Predator, Chaos and Madness, what more could you expect? We are, after all, the UK’s best-known suppliers of super-loud fireworks, so you won’t find any shrinking violets in our range.

You’ll also need to pick a box that suits the space you have. On our web page, you’ll see indicators that say either 8m or 25m. That tells you how much of a safety zone you’ll need. If you have a standard size garden, an 8m distance means you can safely use that firework at home.

If it indicates 25m then you’ll need a much bigger safety zone. These fireworks are more suitable for events and displays. Please ensure you check with the event co-ordinator that fireworks are permitted before buying.

Want to know more?

It’s easy. Simply pick up the phone and call us. One of our friendly team will be happy to talk you through your options and give you straightforward, safety-focused advice on all our fireworks.