What are big rockets?

what are big rockets and how do they work? what is a skyorcket ?

So what are big rockets? They largest single shots available to the public. Commonly referred to as “Big Rockets”, their true name is “Skyrocket” they are pyrotechnic firework made of a paper tube packed with powder that propels itself into the air. Rockets have a shaft to provide stability during airborne flight. Big rockets as with […]

British Firework Championships 2018

British fireworks championships article by ghengis fireworks

FIREWORK CHAMPIONSHIPS INFORMATION This annual event started in 1997 and was created by The Event Services Association (TESA) who represent the outdoor events industry in the UK. The British Firework Championships 2018 is an event were various professional firework display teams compete against one another to show off their skills on putting on a firework […]