Fireworks How They Work

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How Fireworks Work Fireworks have been around for several centuries now and have become a symbol of celebration. Whether it is New Year’s Day, in amusement parks, or any other kind of event, fireworks are known to create their own magic up in the sky. But one wonders how does this magic really happen? How […]

Firework World Records

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We all have heard the phrase, “The bigger, the better”. Well, this phrase holds its true meaning in the case of fireworks world records too. There is no argument in the fact that fireworks, whether big or small, are always beautiful and eye-catching. However, there are some that the world witnessed and was the biggest,  […]

Happy Customers

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Today we received a fantastic review from some happy customers we delivered some gender reveal fireworks for them to celebrate there a new addition to the family. April Hodgson recommends Ghengis Fireworks: “I cant thank Norman enough!! The friendliest, most helpful service I have ever experienced in my lifetime. We purchased the baby gender reveal […]