Our Range of Classic Catherine wheels
Catherine wheels are a very traditional and popular choice for any firework display.
What are Catherine Wheels?
A Catherine wheel or pinwheel as they are often called is a classic type of firework consisting either of an angled rocket or a powder-filled spiral tube that is mounted with a pin through its centre.

Catherine Wheels add a plethora of light and colour to a dark night sky and offer a modesty that all ages can enjoy.

Some people are not too keen on fireworks that boast loud bangs that shake the ground. However the majority of people do like the sensory experience of different colour variations and the effects that these create, this is why the Catherine wheel has stood the test of time.

Young children and older adults can enjoy the magic of lights and the atmosphere of the night without having to take shelter indoors.

The Catherine wheel is one for all the family, every display needs one!

Above you will find some of the best Catherine wheels money can buy. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that they are ‘wheely’ brilliant!

Watch the videos and see for yourself.

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