Our Range of Gender Reveal Fireworks

Gender reveal fireworks what will they see pink or blue?

A stunning way to reveal the exciting news of the sex of your baby to your family and friends.

Tracing its origins back to the baby shower, gender reveal parties are becoming ever more popular. This may be due to the fact that reveal parties are open to both men and woman. Unlike the traditional female-only baby showers. So now all of your family and friends can celebrate alongside you.

Employing the trope of Blue (for a boy) and Pink (for a girl) to designate the baby's gender.

Our range of Blue fireworks and Pink fireworks have been specially designed for you and your gender reveal party in mind.

So it is very simple to celebrate the new addition to your family. Simply pick one of our unique and stunning D.I.Y gender reveal fireworks and your good to go!

We offer a FREE brown paper wrapping service so no one knows until you fire it.

Gender reveal fireworks have been introduced to the UK from America. It is becoming a big thing in the UK in the same way as Halloween has over the years.
You can send us a sealed envelope with the sex of your baby inside, so no one knows not even you. Or you can call us while you are having your scan done and have the person that is scanning you tell us the sex of your future bundle of joy.
We will take care of the rest and thanks for letting us be a part of your family’s life.
Let’s hope it’s twins a boy and girl and then you can have a pigeon pair of pink and blue.

These are NOT Daytime Fireworks.