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If you are looking for something ground-based, low noise, and can still wow the audience, fountains are a perfect choice. Firework fountains create a stunning visual display and are ideal for filling space near the ground or for use in between aerial firework bursts. At Ghengis Fireworks, we have an excellent range of fountains. Some of these fountains last for up to 3 minutes in duration.

What Are Firework Fountains?

Fountains are a very traditional ground-based type of firework. They emit showers of sparks from the top of the unit that forms a vertical column of dazzling stars, which usually cascade down to the ground creating a serene, beautiful display. Fountains come in different heights. They can range from 6 inches to 20 feet, and their duration also varies. Their duration ranges from 10 seconds to 3 minutes. Fountains are some of the most family-friendly and safest ground-based fireworks available on the market. They tend to be quieter as compared to other types of fireworks. However, some fountains do whistle or crackle. They are perfect for backyard displays, birthday parties, weddings, bonfire nights, and any other event, no matter how big or small.


Fountains come in many shapes, sizes, and effects. But the most impressive and powerful fountains are the ones that feature simple effects. For instance, a silver rain fountain that doesn’t crackle can be pretty stunning. Such firework fountains don’t waste any energy on colour, noise, or both. Instead, they put all of their power into strength, size, and height. At Ghengis Fireworks, we stock a wide range of fountain fireworks. Some of the most popular types include the following:

Conic Fountains

Conic fountains are extremely popular because of their typical fountain shape and size. They are generally very quiet and only give off a gentle ‘roar’ sound as they provide a lengthy and consistent fountain display.


Gerbs are a more professional version of the Conic fountain. They are generally the primary choice of professional display organizers.

Strobes and Bengal Blinkers

These are tiny firework fountains that give a strobe-like visual effect, i.e. flashing on and off. The overall results are very bright and vivid, illuminating their smoke, producing unique colours, shadows, and shapes. They are best used together in groups because of their small size.

Multi-effect Fountains

Suppose you are looking to wow your guests with multiple effects and visuals; we recommend these fountains. They offer some exciting results, from multi-colours and crackles to even a ‘dancing’ movement.

Using Fountains in a Display

Fountains are ideal for quieter displays where you need to keep the noise down. Since they are low noise, they can also provide a louder display with some suspense and contrast – both crucial elements for an exciting show. If you have also purchased many aerial fireworks, then fountains can add the much-needed spark on the ground and distract your guests while you prepare for the subsequent firing. At Ghengis Fireworks, we have firework fountains with different effects and colours to match your event’s theme.