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Often used to punctuate the music and open or close displays, firework mines can add real impact to your event. Whether you use them separately or with a barrage of shells for a spectacular effect, they have the potential to impress any audience. Ideal for a moment of drama, mines are generally between 2-4 inches in diameter and offer various effects. Mines are generally the loudest fireworks.

What Are Firework Mines?

Mines are single-shot and multi-shot, colourful ground fireworks that spray up into the sky. They are one of the most potent fireworks available on the market because the entire content explodes at once. While the contents of a candle, cake, or other firework go off “bit by bit”, mines have all their content loosely packed in one card tube. Once ignited, the explosion shoots out into the air, creating various colourful effects. Not only are the results bright, but they also occur from ground level up to dozens of feet. Some mines can shoot as high as 120 feet. Others can have crackling stars, loud whistles, silver cascades, and other stunning effects.


At Ghengis Fireworks, we have the most popular and in-demand firework mines in stock. Here are some popular types of firework mines you can buy:

Fountain Start Mines

As the name suggests, fountain start mines provide a fountain effect when ignited. They are smaller than mortar mines but offer an excellent overall result. These mines are ideal for any display for several reasons. They are easy to start and act as a short firework. The primary detonation serves as a significant surprise due to the audience mistaking the fountain as the immediate effect of that firework. Fountain start mines are also relatively less expensive than the more extensive mortar mines when placed together in a line, creating a line of sparks that transform into impressive columns of effects.

Double Effect Mines

Sometimes a firework mine is split into two or more sections, which go off one after another. These specific types of mines are known as double effect mines. Although each effect is smaller than the previous one, the firework lasts longer, offering great value for money.

Whether you are organizing a small indoor private party or a large outdoor rock concert, firework mines are a great way to make it more fun and exciting. With our vast range of products, you will indeed find something that will fit your preferences and budget.