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Single Ignition

There are so many different types of fireworks available on the market that it can be overwhelming to decide which ones are the safest and the best for your specific event. That is why we at Ghengis Fireworks supply the best quality fireworks to choose from for our customers.

We stock a wide variety of small and medium-sized fireworks. Single ignition fireworks are our specialty. These are easy to use and have a wide range of effects and colours that everyone can enjoy. As one of the biggest fireworks suppliers in the U.K., we offer products for virtually every occasion, e.g. weddings, bonfire nights, birthdays, Diwali, and other special events and occasions.

Single Ignition Fireworks

Single ignition fireworks, as the name suggests, are ignited from a single fuse. They fire multiple fireworks to offer a spectacular display. They are ideal for making a significant impact with minimum setup. The single ignition fireworks we stock; create perfectly choreographed shows.

Single ignition fireworks are among the most popular types of fireworks available on the market for several reasons. They are easy to use and perfect for all kinds of parties. They come in a wide range of different types, e.g. fan-shapes that create stunning patterns in the sky, vertical firing multi-effect fireworks, and more. You can use the different types collectively to create a fantastic display.

Multishot Fireworks and Barrages

Also known as firework cakes, multi-shot barrages are another popular type of fireworks we offer. Barrages consist of multiple tubes fastened together and fused internally. Because of this, they only require ignition from a single point. Each tube ejects an effect high into the air, called a shot. Multishot barrages and fireworks are easy to set up. This, combined with the ease of ignition and potential duration, means they form most displays’ backbone, offering spectacular effects and continuity.

Barrages (8-55 Meter)

We stock the most extensive range of single ignition barrages in the area. All barrages require a certain safety distance. Barrages with an 8-15-meter safety range are very popular. They are suitable for small gardens and designed to offer a great show to the audience at any event.

Barrages (25 Meter)

If you have a large garden and are looking for more extensive and louder barrages are recommended. These multi-shot barrages feature a 25-meter safety range. Available in different shot options (16, 25, 30, and even 390!), these barrages will surely light up the sky at your event. Because of the massive range, and are not recommended for small gardens.

Sending an array of colours and lights into the sky, you are rest assured that everyone at your event will be amazed by our single ignition fireworks. Fascinating sounds and diverse colours will make for a great display, whether you are at home or you are organizing a more prominent show at a birthday, wedding, or other events. We stock a wide variety of these products. If you need any help deciding which ones to get for your event, please contact us.