Our Range of Single Ignition Fireworks

Our single ignition fireworks will make a statement this bonfire night

Firstly Ghengis is home to some of the best single ignition fireworks in this country. And we know your firework display needs one of these bad boys. That is why we have a vast range to choose from.

Worth bearing in mind is the safe legal viewing distance from a spectator perspective. Some of our single ignitions you see below will require a safety distance of 8m or 25ft.  Alternatively, some of the biggest on offer will require 25m or 80ft. So make sure you have enough distance on the land or garden in which you wish to host the display.

One lit match is all it will take to set these fantastic, colourful, and very powerful fireworks roaring into the night sky.

Of note, some of the biggest barrages we offer have been described as a ‘disco in the sky’ because of the range of fantastic lights that they offer. Finally, they boast diverse colour, fascinating sounds and sensory experience for one and all.
Not for the faint-hearted!