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Compound Fireworks

Compound Fireworks are new to the UK! And we have to thank the EU for this.

Our compound cakes are a use of multiple cakes glued to a wooden board. Then fused underneath leaving one main fuse on top.

Firstly,  1.4g compounds will have up to 2kg of powder inside. 1.3g can have up to 4kg net explosive content inside. These will allow you to have a great display with lots of different effects in one box.

Secondly, 1.4g compounds are designed to be safe in an 8m garden and classed as cat2 garden fireworks.

And finally, 1.3g compound fireworks are designed with a firework safety distance of 15m and are classed as cat3.

Always make sure all of your fireworks are secure and can not fall over or someone will be having a bad day.

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